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2021 Keqiao Textile ExpoAutumn,Shaoxing China will be held Shaoxing International Convention & Exhibition Center during October 26-28.2021.
About Textile Expo

Exhibition Schedule

Time:October 26-28,2021
Add:Shaoxing International Convention & Exhibition Center

The People's Government of Zhejiang Province

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

China National Textile and Apparel Council

China General Chamber of Commerce

China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Textiles


Hong Kong Trade Development Council


Commerce Department of Zhejiang Province
Sub-Council of Zhejiang Province, CCPIT
Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government
Shaoxing County People’s Government

China Textile City Exhibition & Convention Co., Ltd


Shaoxing International Convention&Exhibition Center(New Venue)

Advantages Analysis:
Brand Advantage: China (Keqiao) International Textiles, Fabrics & Accessories Exhibition has become one of the professional pageants with largest scale, greatest influence and highest level of specialization, internationalization and informationization in China by 20 years’ brand development. And it enjoys extremely high popularity and good reputation in the textile industry, it is “new navigation mark “in this filed. China (Keqiao) Textile Expo 2016 (Autumn) has made exciting achievement. According to Exhibition’s Access Control System, there are 40470 registered professional purchasers during four days of exhibition period, including 4246 overseas buyers from more than 90 countries such as America, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, and South Korea. This expo achieved the turnover of 8.247 billion Yuan, therefore it is a more efficient and more influential textile pageant with larger scale. “ Following the aim of” leading the cooperation between China Textile Market and global famous enterprises, obtaining your success in textile career ” and the principles of “Internationalization, Brand, specialization”, China (Keqiao) International Textiles, Fabrics & Accessories Exhibition 2017 must be an important international event in exhibitions of textile fabrics and accessories in 2017 with the help of the unique advantage of Shaoxing County( the hometown of textile) and the strong platform of China Textile City( an international textile manufacturing center and trading center) which assembles the professionals and high-quality fabrics & accessories from all countries and regions.

Convenient Traffic:
Keqiao of Shaoxing County, on the south bank of Hangzhou Bay, is located in the “South Golden Wing” of Yangtze River Delta which is the thickliest populated area with fastest development and strongest social purchasing power in China. It is only 20km away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, 230km away from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and 150km away from Ningbo Port. It is in the transportation circle of Hu-Hang-Yong and Hang-Jin-Qu Expressways with 104 and 329 National Highway crossing the whole area. Obviously, it has location advantage. In addition, it is surrounded with dozens of star-rated hotels and has fully equipped facilities of accommodation and restaurant.

Industry Cluster:
Shaoxing County has nearly 10,000 textile manufacturing enterprises, 50,000 shuttleless looms and more than 200,000 employees. About 2 million tons of various kinds of chemical fiber, 6 billion meters of polyester fabrics, 14 billion meters of printing & dyeing cloth and 222 million pieces of garments are produced here every year which achieves both annual textile production value and sales income over RMB 100 billion Yuan. The county has basically formed integrated production chain from PTA to weaving, home textile and garment which has huge productivity and an obvious advantage of industrial group. Therefore, it is the largest textile industry hub in China.

Market Advantage:
Keqiao of Shaoxing county has the largest textile center in Asia—China Textile City. Covering a market area of nearly 3 million square meters, China Textile City has more than 15,000 business rooms and 13,000 operators. It makes transactions for more than 30,000 kinds of fabric; the daily customer flow is over 100,000 person- times. There are nearly 600 permanent overseas representative agencies and over 4000 overseas permanent buyers. Goods here are sold to 187 countries and regions. Therefore, a quarter of global chemical fabrics are transacted here. At present, it has also established business relations with nearly half of national textile enterprises. It achieves an annual market turnover over RMB 100 billion Yuan.

Excellent Government Policy:
As the sponsor of this fair, Shaoxing County People’s Government bases on its own unique advantages and gives priority to strengthening its characteristic industry economy. In order to host this professional exhibition well ,the government invest a huge sum of money up to million Yuan to release exhibition information on 300 media such as TV, broadcast, newspaper & periodical、technical magazine, professional website and BBS .At the same time, we will also invite trade organizations from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, U.S.A., Britain, France, Japan etc. to attend and purchase in order to create and offer a rare business opportunity for the international and domestic textile enterprises and trade companies.

Exhibition Modes

1.Fill the application form in the poster folder, and fax or mail it to the organizing committee;
2.Download the application form from website( for registration;
3.Visit the textile expo organizing committee and fill the application form directly.
4.Booth number is subject to the receipt of the remittance.

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