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2021 Keqiao Textile ExpoAutumn,Shaoxing China will be held Shaoxing International Convention & Exhibition Center during October 26-28.2021.
Textile Expo News
2021 Keqiao Textile Expo Spring,Window of Textile City, Starts Today

Publish Time:2021-05-06

Today, 2021 Keqiao Textile Expo (spring) , Shaoxing China was solemnly opened at China Textile City International Convention & Exhibition Center. The number of visitors entering the exhibition on the first day reached 20115, a slight increase compared with that in the spring of 2019. There are 79813 online buyers, including 8366 from overseas.

505 exhibitors booked 1360 standard booths covering an exhibition area of 25000 square meters. The exhibition is divided into textile fabric exhibition area, fashion design exhibition area and digital printing exhibition area. The main exhibits are textile fabrics (accessories), home textiles, creative design, etc. On the basis of making great efforts to run offline exhibitions,  live broadcasting area is set to help exhibitors seize new business opportunities of online and offline "double channels" and integrate into the new pattern of "double circulation" at home and abroad.


Dream Together, Fashion to Gather

Born in the cradle of fashion, Keqiao has become a fashion fabric platform with global market as the core, and its international advantage is self-evident. If Keqiao, China Textile City, is committed to the construction of "International Textile City" in the new era, then Keqiao Textile Expo is the "source of fashion" of Keqiao today. Grasping the platform of Keqiao Textile Expo and launching fashionable competitive products have been regarded by many enterprises as one of the shortcut to build the brand.


Accumulate Industrial Advantage Resources

To open up a new situation in the great changes, we need to find our own position in the new development pattern, strengthen our muscles and bones, and resist the external impact. Over the years, Keqiao has been focusing on industry and main business, constantly consolidating its comparative advantages, and has taken a steady step from "industrial cluster" to "whole industrial chain" and then to "industrial ecology". From the source of chemical products to textile to printing and dyeing, and then to finishing, Keqiao Textile has achieved to be "irreplaceable".

Whether it is enterprises or exhibits, the thousands of high-quality exhibits presented at this Expo all exude the craftsmanship spirit of production enterprises to strive for perfection. Every enterprise that constantly innovates and improves its R & D and design skills is a practitioner of "craftsmanship spirit". Keqiao Textile Expo provides assistance and stage for every textile enterprise.


Double circulation supports steady development

Through over 20 years of development, Keqiao Textile Expo adheres to the aim of "leading the global textile trend, showing the charm of fashion technology, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and building a supply and demand trade platform". It has become a diversified, professional and international exhibition and trade platform integrating commerce, technology, fashion, sustainable development and industrial exchanges in the textile industry. At the intersection of the two centenary histories, 2021 Keqiao Textile Expo has entered a new stage of development, actively building a new pattern of "double cycle" development, continuously widening the open channel of "Silk Road Keqiao", and jointly polishing the name card of "important window" of textile capital.

It is reported that the 9th Keqiao Fashion Week, China Keqiao International Textile Printing Industry Exhibition 2021 and Keqiao Digital Printing Forum 2021 are held at the same time during Keqiao Textile Expo, so as to deeply cultivate the industry and build a professional platform for the buyers and suppliers from the aspects of process equipment, creative design, domestic and foreign trade, and to promote the high-quality development of Keqiao Textile Industry.

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