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2021 Keqiao Textile ExpoAutumn,Shaoxing China will be held Shaoxing International Convention & Exhibition Center during October 26-28.2021.
Textile Expo News
Why is Keqiao Fabric Popular? Let’s Listen to Buyers

Publish Time:2021-05-07

A grand meeting of the national textile industry started in Keqiao in the sunny May. It is the second day of the 2021 Keqiao Textile Expo (spring), the exhibition hall is still full of people. The lively atmosphere reflects the flourishing stage of 2021 Keqiao Textile Expo in the post epidemic era.

In the context of the new stage and new pattern, what are the new demands of purchasers? Why can Keqiao Textile Expo attract buyers from all over the country? How do they evaluate Keqiao Textile Expo and Keqiao fabrics?  Let’s listen to buyers about the market trends and their purchasing demand.


Wang Siyong, fabric development manager of Jiangsu SuHao International Group Co., Ltd

Jiangsu suhao International Group is a large-scale comprehensive international trade industry group company which takes international trade as the leading, industrial development as the foundation. In the textile and clothing sector, seven subsidiaries are engaged in clothing design and export, and their business is all over the world, and has been on the list of the top 200 Chinese exports and top 500 import and export for more than ten years.

It is understood that 70% to 80% of the knitting fabrics required by the company are from Keqiao. As a diversified, professional and international exhibition and trade platform integrating trade, technology, fashion, sustainable development and industry exchange, Keqiao Textile Expo is an effective window for suhao international fabric developers to know about Keqiao fabrics. Wang said that the participation in Keqiao Textile Expo not only helped to contact many high-quality fabric suppliers, but also helped to learn about more fashionable frontier information and trends, which played an important role in fabric collection in the later period.


Zhang Wei, general manager of Shandong Qianrong Home Textile Co., Ltd

Shandong Qianrong Home Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional household textile enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The company adheres to design innovation as the core, and has more than 60 experienced designers. Every year, it releases more than 3000 new products and nearly 10000 flower drafts. Its products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Australia and Singapore.

"Although every Keqiao Textile Fair will be attended by representatives of our company, I myself haven't come to Keqiao for several years. This time, I found that the changes are very big, the overall quality of the exhibition and exhibits has been greatly improved, and more and more functional and original design fabrics have appeared. At present, we have reached a preliminary cooperation intention with several suppliers, and we believe that there will be in-depth cooperation in the future, especially a new material enterprise, which is very potential. " Zhang Wei said.


Xie Peng, general manager of Liaocheng Slow Design Clothing Co., Ltd

Times are changing, enterprise layout is changing, market demand is also changing, but Keqiao fabric is the constant choice of Liaocheng Slow Design Clothing Co., Ltd. The company is a collection of original design, production, sales as one of the clothing enterprises, the company needs more than 90% of the fabric from Keqiao. Xie Peng, general manager of the company, is also the president of Liaocheng clothing association. This time, nearly 20 member enterprises of the association have organized groups to come to purchase.

Xu man, fabric development manager of Nanjing Yishi Brand Management Co., Ltd

As a newly established young brand, Nanjing Yishi Brand Management Co., Ltd. is in the stage of supplier contact and accumulation. We are looking forward to the visit of Keqiao Textile Expo. It is understood that the company started formal operation this year, focusing on the design and development of Yoga suits, swimsuits, jeans, home clothes and other clothing, and is committed to the full category and diversified development.


In this exhibition, the company hopes to purchase woven fabrics, sports elastic knitted fabrics and denim fabrics suitable for jacket design. Xu and his colleagues quickly found their favorite products and suitable suppliers with their skillful business skills. Xu said that at present, he has reached a preliminary cooperation intention with a denim enterprise, and will further contact with it in the future.

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