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2021 Keqiao Textile ExpoAutumn,Shaoxing China will be held Shaoxing International Convention & Exhibition Center during October 26-28.2021.
Textile Expo News
2021 Keqiao Textile Expo Spring Shaoxing, China Successfully Completed

Publish Time:2021-05-08

On May 8, the three-day 2021 Keqiao Textile Expo came to a successful conclusion. Under the new development pattern, this Expo takes promoting the high-quality development of the industry as its own responsibility, links the industrial chain, creates a one-stop service platform as the direction, takes the base of the "big cycle" to promote the "double cycle", condenses the great strength inside and outside the industry, and presents the source of innovation, business opportunities and fashion of the industry development in the new stage.

In the three exhibition areas of textile fabrics, fashion design and digital printing , more than 400000 fashion fabrics from more than 500 elite exhibitors are on display. online and offline dual channel business opportunities, domestic super buyer groups, intellectual property protection, medical treatment, translation and other services are available. 2021 Keqiao Textile Expo is a new start, full of highlights, providing an unforgettable experience or a journey of inspiration for both sides. During the three-day exhibition, 53259 person times entered, with an increase of 1.3% compared with that of last spring. During the same period, 248093 people visited the live online platform.

Win-win Situation of Three Exhibition Areas

As the middle of the textile industry, fabrics and accessories involve many crafts including weaving, design, dyeing and finishing, etc. Only by complementary advantages and coordinated development, can greater benefits be brought into play. 2021 Keqiao Textile Expo grasps the development trend of the whole industry, identifies the exhibition orientation, and carries out all links of the industrial chain, even cross-border cooperation, exchange and innovation. Three exhibition areas of textile fabrics, fashion design, digital printing together unite the whole industry chain and form a cohesive force and competitiveness, setting up a high-quality development vane of the textile industry.

Innovation Leads Sustainable Fashion

In the post epidemic era, people pay more attention to health and environmental protection.  In addition to antibacterial fabrics, bamboo fiber fabrics and other new fabrics and new technologies, recycled environmental protection products are also favored by downstream brands. Many exhibitors bring green, low-carbon and environment-friendly products to the exhibition to interpret the concept of sustainable fashion.

In fact, recycled fabric is only the epitome of the development concept of "green, recycling and low carbon" practiced by some exhibitors of Keqiao Textile Expo. At the site, more and more green and environment-friendly fabrics, such as rayon, tencel, modal, acetic acid, copper ammonia, are in full bloom. New materials, new processes and functional products emerge in an endless stream. More and more exhibitors are promoting sustainable and healthy development with a responsible development attitude.

Digital Empowerment and Intelligent Exhibition

In the post epidemic era, online new economic models such as selling goods through live broadcasting and cloud exhibition have become the boosters for the economic recovery of textile enterprises. On the basis of the brilliant results of the "Cloud Textile Expo" last autumn, this spring fair once again explored the new mode of intelligent exhibition, launched the "Digital Textile Expo", opened a cloud live broadcast zone at the exhibition site, and launched a global, diversified, and innovative exhibition platform through online exhibition, online transaction, live delivery, trend release and others. The multi-dimensional innovative "Online Textile Expo" helps exhibitors focus on new business opportunities of "dual channels" online and offline, and integrate into the new pattern of "dual circulation" at home and abroad.

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