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Near the tourist

Lu Xun's hometown of Scenic Area
Address: No. 18Duchang square mouth
The tickets: Lu Xun's hometown of scenic spots from the June 1, 2008free opening time:08:3017: 00
Traffic: related to Lu Xun attractions, in addition to Shaoxing Chinese and foreign, are concentrated in the city center, suggested a direct hit, generally in the starting price of 5yuan, ... More related to Lu Xun attractions, in addition to Shaoxing Chinese and foreign, are concentrated in the city center, suggested a direct hit, generally in the starting price of 5yuan, the economy fast. Such as bus, sat in the train station7 Road ( to the West ) to Lu Xun Street station or ginger home station,30 road to the Lu Xun hometown station. The Shaoxing passenger transport centre to take 9 Road,32 road to the Lu Xun junction station, or go to the city people's Hospital Station by8,88,13,15,315,317,318,319 road to the hometown of Lu Xun off; the Shaoxing automobile west station (1 May2009) sit 5 roads to Lu Xun junction station, Route 10to the hometown of Lu Xun station, the Shaoxing automobile east station take 10 road to Lu Xun 's Hometown Station
Type: historical spots

Lu Xun 's hometown is a scenic area the most well preserved, most cultural connotation and waterside city classic style historic district. In September 25, 1881, Mr. Lu Xun was born here.

Visitors see the original three taste bookshops at the same time, also can see the Lu Xun ancestral home never opened the west wing, newly restored Zhou Jiaxin gantry, Changqing temple, Tuguci, OM retreat, Heng Ji when and under the pen of Lu Xun about the relic, and Shou home door, Zhu garden and a number of other ancient house sites.

A narrow stone on both sides of the road, a fenqiangdaiwa, bamboo door, a wood window construction, together with the display of many Shaoxing native products of famous brand, lively and extraordinary, become Shaoxing's most characteristic of commercial pedestrian street in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

At the same time, scenic areas are equipped with" three flavor" of early reading, I welcome, Shao custom wedding, excerpts, lotus drop performances and other activities, to recreate Lu Xun works with some scenes.

Lanting Pavilion ( Lanting Pavilion )
Address: Southwest of the city of
Admission: 40 yuan
Traffic: the Shaoxing passenger transport centre by 3all the way to the train station, take the7 Road to the west to city hall station into 3road. Also in the hometown of Lu Xun bought the Shaoxing tourism ticket, travel by bus to the.
Type: historical spots

Lanting Pavilion surrounded by high mountains and lofty hills, an agreeable environment, shallow streams Congcong, quiet and elegant. The" goose pond"," traditional Chinese"," Lanting Pavilion monument"," Royal Pavilion"," Youjun Temple" and other sophisticated construction simple, is a rare masterpiece of the garden.

Goose pond in Lanting Pavilion, there is a triangular Pavilion, pavilion monument engraved with the " goose pond" two cursive characters. Legend has it that this two characters are Wang Xizhi handwritten, and legends like Wang Xizhi goose, geese at home. Now Lanting Pavilion goose pond also keep a few white goose.

Chinese pavilion facets wide three, four Wai gallery. In front of a crooked ditch, water in the ditch in the stream slowly, this is the famous qushui.

When Wang Xizhi et al is sitting in Qushui shore, some people in Qushui upstream, put a wine glass, glass is lotus carrying flow float, who stopped, who can compose a poem, not a drink a cup.

Many of today's visitors come here, be in the best of spirits with a plastic cup, a beverage, put in Qushui" kingdom", in experience in Qushui invited Huan taste.

Youjun temple is a memorial to Wang Xizhi hall. Wang Xizhi the then chairman, will right of general history, so people often referred to him as king youjun. In the temple there are many inscriptions, the middle of hanging portrait of Wang Xizhi, on both sides of the couplet is" life Jiji in the landscape, to sit out saying no and". In the temple there is a pool of water, known as the" tank", it is said that Wang Xizhi used this pool water dip pen practice book, the whole pool are dyed black.
Special attention: you can choose a reluctant to go play somewhere else to cool and pleasant, because the mountains. The water, a few representative Beiting don't miss. There are water restaurant, have the characteristics of Shaoxing dishes, and not expensive, it is worth a try.
Ke Yan
The tickets: Ke Yan + Ke Yan + Jianhu85 yuan; Lu town Jianhu +100 yuan.
Traffic : in the South Gate of Shaoxing ( Golden Times Square) by 603 Road, Lu Xun ( Lu Xun's hometown Hometown Station Road East Square) by 77direct.
Type: Wild / nature

Introduction: Ke Yan stone to cloud bone most Qijue, and indeed the hill comparable. I saw the cloud bone top Cooper green, old branches cross, visitors here, they sigh for spectacle.

From cloud bone about 100step, there is a stone, is the use of a high of about 10feet to the rock carved. Stone sits in the Shek Pik, Buddha high up to 4feet, is kind, beautifully crafted, the study of ancient sculpture art, quite valuable.

In recent years, Ke Yan has developed lotus listening, Qixingyan, trimeric homologous, maiden Chunxiao, mirror water waterfalls, more celebrities garden new attractions, a different style, be full of wit and humour, become Shaoxing to travel the new favorites.
Tips: stone, cloud bone can not see, can not be called lotus square. The silkworm hole cool moist, can be used as a rest place. The scenic area there are cafes, quite archaic. There are earthworks tofu, flavor is very good. Lawn and trees less, pay attention to sun.


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